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War Taxi Peace Taxi (Taxi de Guerre Taxi de Paix)
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War Taxi Peace Taxi (Taxi de Guerre Taxi de Paix) ab 18.99 € als Taschenbuch: . Aus dem Bereich: Bücher, Belletristik, Briefe & Biografien,

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War Taxi, Peace Taxi (Taxi de Guerre, Taxi de P...
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This is that story of a man placed by his cleverness, ambition and optimism in the position to observe the human condition through his and other's adventures. Through war and peace Raymond Gatti's story will fill the reader with his childlike honesty, and integrity and is a homage to him, his friends and those who have crossed his path on the road. Raymond Gatti's story recounts his adventures, through anecdotes, over forty -five years of driving the rich and powerful in peace and war. Raymond Gattti has gathered memories of an unusual, funny, surprising tragic and positive lifestyle that convey the attitudes that he found to overcome and succeed at his adventures. Raymond narrates, in a personal manner, his years from his humble agricultural beginnings, through his suffering under the German occupation, his adventures in The American Army and on to his induction into the exclusive club of The Knights of the Road.

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